Dear Doctor,

So you clicked the box that said you are desperate for new patients. Maybe you are expanding your practice. Maybe you are trying to keep your practice alive. Maybe you are just looking to add a few new patients and the headline grabbed your attention. No matter what the reason was that you clicked on the ad, you are in the right place.

Affordable Image has been making practices profitable since 1996, and with our years of experience and knowledge, we know what it takes to make a practice successful. As experts we have a formula that, when consistently followed, can make a difference in your practice.

The number one ingredient in the formula for success is your brand. If your brand can’t pass the test, there is no way to successfully drive new patients to your practice. Not sure if your brand will pass muster? I invite you to give us a No Obligation Consultation to talk to one of our expert Consultants. We will go over in-depth of what your practice is doing and what it is missing. Our goal is to make you no longer desperate for patients, but desperate for a vacation!

Mike Shoun